EZ Dock vs Wave Armor: Finding a Floating Dock

EZ Dock vs Wave Armor

Finding the right floating dock for your needs is essential — you want to ensure you can safely store your boats and personal watercraft (PWC) without fear of damage or loss. Additionally, a floating dock needs to support hours of continued use and fun. A floating dock is a relaxing space for leisure, fun and boat security.

Choosing between different dock brands can take time and effort. With so many options, how do you find the best dock? Comparing each product’s features side-by-side will help you narrow your options and select the dock with the most essential features. Try to look at their sustainability, material, installation and durability for the most well-rounded picture. 

Let’s compare EZ Dock vs. Wave Armor floating docks. We’ll put them head-to-head to give you the most straightforward comparison of each and make the buying journey more exciting and less stressful. 

Comparison Breakdown

EZ Dock and Wave Armor are both quality dock system options with a few key differences that might help you decide which one to pick. Keep reading for a summary of how these dock systems differ and where they outperform or underperform against the competition. After this summary, we’ll dive deeper into the specifics of what makes these dock systems different. 

EZ Dock

EZ Dock is a long-standing dock systems company that produces dock sections, boat and craft ports, lifts, launches and floating walkways. Offering slip-resistance, recycled products and durable materials, EZ Dock is a leader in dock systems. RotoMold technology means all EZ Dock floating docks are foam-free, allowing for the use of sustainable materials without sacrificing durability. 

Foam Free Construction

The polymer construction of EZ Dock offers excellent durability when in use. The loading system is convenient and improved by self-adjusting rollers. EZ Dock floating docks are more sustainable than Wave Armor systems. Initial installation is easy, but overall more difficult than Wave Armor. EZ Dock floating dock systems are slightly less expensive than Wave Armor docks. 

Wave Armor

Wave Armor is also a top performer in the dock systems industry. Like EZ Dock, Wave Armor carries dock sections and ports for boats and smaller crafts. They do not offer floating walkways and instead carry swim rafts and pontoon-specific ports. Wave Armor focuses on modularity with products, making different sections extremely easy to switch up and change. 

While Wave Armor products are less sustainable, they may be slightly more durable thanks to the reinforced polymer construction. Initial installation is about as easy as EZ Dock installation, but it’s much easier to scale and play with the Wave Armor dock configuration. Wave Armor tends to be more expensive than EZ Dock, and their warranty offers less overall replacement coverage. 

Environmental Friendliness

Floating docks spend their days sitting outside on the water — a universal solvent. Water is extremely good at wearing away and degrading materials over time. Without a high-quality floating dock, the water will eat away at small particles, dragging them into the environment. If you want to help protect the environment, you want a high-quality dock from a company that supports recycling practices and understands the importance of sustainability. 

EZ Dock

EZ Dock is unmatched regarding environmental friendliness. The floating modular dock’s two components — molded rubber couplers and polyethylene — are recyclable and degradation-resistant. With no wood products and no foam filling, there is no risk of foam release into the environment, and products are not treated with chromated copper arsenate (CCA). 

Additionally, EZ Dock modular sections are made from 90% consumer waste recycled rubber. They are sustainable and lasting and help reduce environmental waste with every use. Your EZ Dock is also recyclable at an approved recycling facility. You can also dispose of it at an approved waste disposal facility. 

Recycled Rubber


EZ Dock sections do not significantly block essential sunlight for marine life, allowing you to enjoy your dock with minimal impact on the organisms living in the water below you. EZ Dock materials contain no materials marked as hazardous waste by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), further protecting the environment. Any penetration to the dock’s exterior will not result in contaminants like wood entering the water and harming the ecosystem. 

Finally, EZ Dock systems pass Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) tests — they do not release contaminants when corroded, ignited or put through chemical reactions. Protecting the environment is just as important as enjoying your floating dock system. EZ Dock provides you with the best dock experience without sacrificing the environment. 

Wave Armor

Wave Armor uses high-quality polystyrene foam and polyethylene in their docks. These materials help with durability but are less sustainable than the EZ Dock construction. Polystyrene foam can theoretically be recycled but almost never is — most recycling facilities do not have the equipment needed to grind down the foam for recycling. While the foam is durable and water-resistant, it is not sustainable. 

Wave Armor docks are less sustainable than EZ Dock polyethylene dock sections and configurations — the 90% recycled molded rubber couples used to make EZ Dock increase their sustainability beyond Wave Armor. While both use polyethylene, EZ Dock is the best choice for anyone prioritizing sustainability. 

Product Details: PWC Lifts and Couplers

When comparing Wave Armor vs. EZ Dock, looking at the smaller product differences along with more significant differences in their construction is essential. The little details like attachment and self-adjusting rollers significantly impact a dock’s performance and your comfort. Let’s look at some product details to help find you the right port for your needs.

EZ Dock

EZ Dock PWC lifts have between eight and twelve self-adjusting rollers per port, depending on the model. EZ Dock lifts adjust easily as you load and unload your craft. The self-adjusting design makes it simple to use and put away any craft — it handles most of the work for you. PWC lifts boost your craft out of the water for safe storage. With high-quality self-adjustable rollers, there’s no struggling with the craft and trying to sit it just right. 

Self-Adjustable Rollers


Floating dock sections are held together by couplers. The EZ Dock original “Dog Bone” coupler system offers enhanced dock integrity and stability. The dog bone coupler evenly distributes weight across the whole platform, which reduces stress on any specific point and stabilizes the dock during rough conditions. Additionally, this distribution method helps prevent dock bending and sagging. With strain spread out, no one spot will experience excess stress.

The coupler’s advanced design allows it to reduce strain and helps protect your dock in extreme situations. While you are not likely to encounter a scenario where an entire dock section receives damage, the couplers will help protect your dock if you do. If an entire dock section takes damage, the coupler is designed to fail before the dock, allowing the dock to ride out the damage safely. 

Wave Armor

Wave Armor PWC lifts have plenty of rollers, but the rollers are not self-adjusting. These rollers do not offer the same convenience as self-adjusting rollers. You’ll need to work your PWC into place when using the lift, and it takes more effort to get it right. The many rollers on Wave Armor models do make loading and unloading extremely easy. However, the absence of self-adjusting rollers limits the level of convenience. 

Wave Armor’s coupling system is its own H-beam system. The H-beam system slides under the dock components, locking in place underneath the dock. The system’s H shape allows it to move flexibly with the water without losing too much support. The H-beam system is comparable in strength to the “Dog Bone” coupler. While the H-beam is less visible than the dog bone, the “Dog Bone” coupler offers slightly better dock protection during extreme weather, thanks to its fail-first design. 


A dock’s material is critical to its success. The right material helps reduce environmental impact, can maintain dock integrity year-round and prevents water from taking the dock down. You want to ensure you select a dock with sound, lasting materials — it needs to be able to sustain the wear and tear of being on the water 24/7 while holding your boat or craft for long periods.

EZ Dock 

EZ Dock ports are primarily composed of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). LLDPE is an extremely durable polymer that can be molded, thinned and shaped into products without compromising strength. It’s more flexible than high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and is waterproof. It can withstand heavy wear and tear without issue, making it ideal for docks. Wood rots and splinters over time, polluting the waterway and causing safety issues.

Linear Low Density Polyethylene


EZ Dock systems contain no foam. Foam is often used in docks to help with strength and longevity. However, if the dock exterior is damaged and the foam is exposed, water and animals can chip away at it. Loose pieces of plastic foam can clog waterways, harm animals and marine life, and contribute to pollution. 

Wave Armor

Wave Armor floating docks are also made with polyethylene. Wave Armor uses a unique process they call RotoMold to create their polyethylene docks. This process provides a seamless-looking dock with a uniform thickness. Since they’re so strong, you can leave their RotoMold docks out in most places during the winter. 

Wave Armor uses polystyrene foam to improve its dock durability. While polystyrene helps reinforce the docks, it also can contribute to waterway pollution if the foam is ever exposed to the water. With limited recyclability, the foam makes Wave Armor docks a less sustainable option. It helps with durability, but it might be a drawback if you’re looking for a lower environmental impact. 


Warranties can significantly impact the dock choice you make. A warranty will help cover certain damages and replacements for a specific period if you follow all the warranty conditions. While manufacturers want their products to perform well, sometimes issues occur. In these instances, many companies offer customers a warranty to help cover the costs of problems. This way, you solve your dock or port issue without spending money on an entirely new model. 

Both EZ Dock and Wave Armor offer dock and port warranties.

EZ Dock

EZ Dock PWC ports come with an 10-year full replacement warranty for customers. If your port breaks, leaks, cracks or experiences ultraviolet defects due to material or manufacturing defects, you’re covered. The warranty will cover repairs or replacements based on the value of the port when you purchased it, regardless of the wear and time that has passed within the warranty period. 

The EZ Dock warranty does not cover issues caused by extreme weather, improper repair or installation, inconsistent use, vandalism and certain impact damages. You must also purchase your port from an authorized distributor or reseller. An EZ Dock port warranty offers fuller coverage than a Wave Armor warranty. 

Wave Armor

Wave Armor offers an 8-year warranty for their ports, but it’s not a full replacement warranty like EZ Dock. They offer a pro-rated warranty, which will help cover repairs or replacements based on the age and use of the port at the time of the claim. You’ll receive warranty coverage based on how long it’s been since you purchased the port, which is a gradually lowering amount. A full replacement warranty covers more cost-wise than a pro-rated warranty.

The Wave Armor warranty covers the same manufacturers’ damages as EZ Dock — leaks, breaks, cracks and ultraviolet deterioration — along with excessive surface area deterioration. Their warranty also does not apply to the same issues the EZ Dock warranty excludes. Additionally, the warranty is only available to the original owner of the port. 

Ease of Installation

Installation might be challenging for anyone who has never owned or worked with a floating docks system. If you’re worried about the installation challenges, you’ll want to consider each brand’s ease of installation when making your decision. While installation is the first setup you’ll do with your dock, some dock system owners like to play around with their systems and scale them up after purchase. Some dock systems are configured for easy installation without later modification, and others might be easier to modify later on. 

EZ Dock

The hardest part of the initial EZ Dock installation is getting the system into the water. Anchoring, like the rest of the installation, requires some muscle. The EZ Dock installation is designed to be convenient for customers so they can enjoy their new dock as soon as possible. The EZ Dock distributor can also install your dock for you. 

The one challenge you’ll face with your EZ Dock is scalability. If you want to add to or change up your dock, the EZ Dock panels are not designed for simple scalability. You can custom-configure your dock setup, but it’s more challenging to alter than the Wave Armor system once it’s in place. 

Easy Installation


Wave Armor

Wave Armor installation is also simple. There’s little difference between the initial installation of an EZ Dock and a Wave Armor model. Wave Armor, however, offers more options for scalability once you’ve decided to change or add to your dock system. They carry many joint mechanisms and anchors, making altering your dock over time much easier. Wave Armor may offer a more versatile setup than EZ Dock.

If you’re looking for an easy initial setup and will keep your dock’s configuration the same once it’s installed, then EZ Dock is the right choice for you. If you like to tinker with your dock or think you’ll want to scale it up in the future, you might want a Wave Armor dock. 

Dock Applications

While both dock brands have benefits, each suits a different customer market. You’ll enjoy using dock systems from either company, but the right dock system for you depends on your preferences and what you want out of your dock. 

EZ Dock

EZ Dock


EZ Dock is a tried-and-true presence in the world of floating docks. Innovative designs and easy use and maintenance make them ideal for any customers or facilities looking for a quality, low-effort dock. With no wood or foam components, EZ Dock is ideal for customers looking to invest in a quality dock without much upkeep of configuration. Their durability and low maintenance needs make them excellent for restaurants, resorts, marinas and homes. EZ Dock floating docks can withstand extreme weather conditions and offer users the easiest maintenance and the greatest price. 

Wave Armor

Wave Armor is a quality dock system company. Their versatility makes them great for anyone who wants to change up their dock often. However, they lack the advanced slip-resistant surfaces of EZ Dock, so they are less preferable for customers who are going to see lots of rapid foot traffic on their docks. Wave Armor docks are solid dock systems for anyone who wants a dock they can endlessly customize. 

Why Choose EZ Dock?

You want a dock that will last years without failing or needing too much maintenance. EZ Dock delivers lasting durability, environmental sustainably and convenience to waterways everywhere. With customizable configurations and fantastic pricing, you can enjoy your dock without stress. EZ Dock floating docks come with incredible benefits — anyone looking for safe, modern dock systems can trust EZ Dock to perform as advertised. 

Benefits of EZ Dock


Some of the benefits of choosing an advanced EZ Dock system include the following: 

  • Sustainability: You can keep waterways safe and chemical-free with 90% recycled rubber components and recyclable polyethylene. Our products are made without wood or foam to reduce environmentally contaminating debris. EZ Dock is the smart, environmentally conscious choice for anyone focused on sustainability. 
  • Low maintenance: EZ Dock polyethylene floating docks require no paint and won’t rot. They’re incredibly durable so you won’t need to replace planks like you would with wood docks. Simply leave them in the water, and they’ll need little to no upkeep. 
  • Durable: Rubber and polyethylene are highly durable, withstanding pressures from severe storms and frequent use. Enjoy your time on the dock without worrying about it being damaged. 
  • Versatile: Our designs come with convenient coupling so you can change up your dock when you want. EZ Dock can grow and change with you for the best possible experience. 
  • Safe: Along with durability, EZ Dock features molded slip-resistant surfaces. Our surfaces maximize safety without sacrificing function.

Enjoy Lasting Quality From EZ Dock

With industry-leading design, durability and service, EZ Dock is the brand to trust for floating docks. Our worldwide distributor network makes getting an EZ Dock product quick and stress-free. We’re dedicated to developing high-quality dock systems that improve the watercraft experience without breaking your budget or harming the environment. Trust our team to deliver expert service when you work with our distributors. Elevate your dock experience and locate an EZ Dock distributor near you or request a quote today!

Enjoy Lasting Quality