How Much Does It Cost to Build a Dock in New York?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Dock in New York

Building a dock on your property means having convenient access to swimming, boating and fishing and being able to relax with loved ones right by the water. This process requires a few different considerations, the most important of which is cost.

The exact cost to build a dock in New York will depend on the materials, complexity and size of your project. In this guide, we cover the costs of building a dock, design considerations and how to navigate the permitting process in New York.

The Cost Breakdown of Building a Dock

The cost of building your dock will vary based on a few factors, including:

  • Type of dock: Prices can vary depending on whether you choose a floating or permanent dock. Generally, floating docks are typically a third of the cost of permanent ones while being safer, easier to install and longer-lasting.
  • Material selection: The materials you choose for your dock can also influence the cost. Common materials include aluminum, wood and plastic, each with different price points and durability.
  • Design complexities: A more intricate, complex design will require more time and expertise, increasing the cost of your dock. Adding electricity, water, wenches or lifts, seating, or a covered boat house can also increase the price.
  • Size and scope of the project: The cost of installation will also depend on the size of your dock, with smaller docks typically costing less than larger ones as they require fewer materials.

How to Save on Dock Building Costs

How to Save on Dock Building Costs

There are a few ways you can save on your dock construction without compromising on quality or durability.

  • Plan: Proper planning can help you avoid costly mistakes during the construction process. Do your research to find a quality dock supplier and ensure you have the required permits to get started.
  • Choose high-quality materials: When building a dock, work with a reputable company that offers durable materials. This way, you know your dock will last longer, preventing the need for costly repairs down the road.
  • Choose a floating dock: Aside from being more affordable than permanent docks, floating docks are configurable, so you can make changes to your dock system later — saving you on replacement costs. Additionally, choosing a floating dock kit from a reputable company like EZ Dock means getting the best materials that will stand up to long-term use.
  • Opt for a simple design: Complex designs with additional features can drive up the cost of your dock. Consider simpler designs to reduce overall installation costs.
  • Consider prefabricated docks: prefabricated dock kit is often the more affordable option than a custom-built dock. They come with detailed instructions and can be easily assembled to save time and money.

Navigating the Permitting Process in New York

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation requires property owners to obtain a permit to construct, reconstruct or install docking or mooring structures. New York City has its own permit process for building docks, piers, seawalls and other structures on all city- and privately owned waterfront properties.

The following steps can make navigating the permit process much easier:

  1. Consult local regulations: Contact the state’s local zoning or planning department for help with dock construction requirements.
  2. Gather necessary information: Gather details about your property, including a map, scaled plans and other specifications of major structures and perimeters.
  3. Fill out the permit application: Obtain your New York permit application online or in person and fill it out. Provide all the necessary details about your construction plans, including the type of dock you’re building, uses, sizing and the types of materials you’ll be using.
  4. Submit your application: Submit your application, along with the Joint Application For Permit, to the Regional Permit Administrator at the appropriate office of the Department. The right office will be indicated on your joint application permit form.

After submitting your application, the local authorities will review it and ensure your dock complies with local regulations and environmental requirements. If your application meets the requirements, the permit will be issued, and you can start building your dock.

Material and Design Considerations for Your New York Dock 

To build your dock, you’ll want to select the right materials and plan your design before getting started. EZ Dock offers dock materials and configurations that can enhance the durability, sustainability and eco-friendliness of your dock project. 

Durable and Sustainable Material Selection

Common dock materials include: 

  • Wood: Wood is the traditional option, though it requires regular maintenance and might not be as durable as other options.
  • Aluminum: This is a lightweight, corrosion-resistant and low-maintenance material often used for decks. 
  • Plastic: Plastic decking is long-lasting, durable and tough — withstanding various New York weather conditions. 

EZ Dock’s floating, modular dock systems are made from polyethylene sections and molded rubber couplers. These eco-friendly, recyclable materials can help ensure you adhere to New York environmental regulations when building your dock.

Design Considerations

Tailor your dock’s design to meet your needs and preferences. You want it to suit your property while doing exactly what you need it to do. Just ensure your dock design meets New York design requirements to avoid violations.

EZ Dock offers customizable designs that can enhance waterfront properties, commercial businesses and homes. Our solutions can accommodate preferences and activities like boating, fishing and leisure. Plus, our modular designs make it easy for you to reconfigure, expand or customize your dock if your needs change.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing EZ Dock’s modular docks means getting a safe, long-lasting and fully customizable dock that suits your waterfront needs. Our materials are slip-resistant, durable and low maintenance. They are also made from eco-friendly materials, so you can have peace of mind you’re making a safe, healthy investment with EZ Dock products. Appreciate cutting-edge designs and a superior strength dock you can enjoy for years to come.

EZ Dock Designs

Where to Buy a Dock in New York

To install a dock in New York, you’ll need durable, reliable materials and help from a reputable company. EZ Dock floating docks make the design and assembly process easier than ever. Our docks are superior in quality, offering versatility, longevity and safety to keep you stable on the water. Instead of designing your dock from scratch, use our convenient floating dock configurations to design a durable dock in no time.

Our expert team can help you find the right dock and accessories for your needs. No matter your water type or weather, we have everything you need to build a durable dock. Contact our team to get your floating dock or find a distributor today.