Why Are Bumpers Useful for Your Dock?

You’ve already put time, energy and money into your dock and boat, so why not protect both investments with one solution? Dock bumpers, sometimes called dock fenders, and dock edging can make a world of difference for boat docking.

If you’re looking for a way to protect your dock or boat from docking damage, dock bumpers are for you.

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Why Are Dock Bumpers Important?

Even the most experienced boater will sometimes bump the dock a little too hard. What about when someone inexperienced is trying to dock? Or what happens when a strong current causes a boat to hit the dock? These little bumps can cause anything from a small scuff to hundreds of dollars in repairs for the dock or boat, or both.

Dock bumpers are a great way to protect the dock and boat from accidental collisions. They are a relatively inexpensive investment that provides some peace of mind when docking your boat. Stop worrying about damages, and start relaxing on the water.

Dock Bumper Materials

Dock bumpers can come in different materials with varying strengths and weaknesses. 

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) bumpers are a high-quality option that can endure various climates, ultraviolet (UV) rays, ice and sea salt. They tend to avoid discoloration and can last for many years. 

Vinyl bumpers are another great option for protecting your boat. However, some are not ideal for busy areas and may break down faster.

You can also choose from foam bumpers. Foam bumpers come in many different quality levels, but they typically won’t hold out as well as the ones mentioned above. Some bumpers have another material on the outside but are filled with foam. 

Rubber is a common dock material because it is inexpensive and easy to source. You can even use rubber tires as dock bumpers, but be careful — these can leave scuff marks on fiberglass boats. 

What Type of Boat Docking Bumper Do You Need?

Besides these different dock fender materials, various types also exist. Some bumpers are made specifically for corners, and some are for the spots most likely to have a head-on collision. Others go along the whole dock, like foam-filled bumpers. Dock wheels can keep your boat off the dock while also helping you get it into the slip. As your boat comes in contact with them, they spin and help guide you in. 

Dock edging is perfect for protecting your boat from rubbing against the dock with the current’s movements, but it doesn’t stop impacts. This aspect is why a combination of dock bumpers and dock edging is the best for protecting your investments.

The EZ Dock Dock Bumper is great for protecting your dock and boat. Place each dock bumper a few feet away from each other so any small collisions will occur on these instead of your dock. They are durable but soft enough to absorb impacts.

Use our Dock Edging to update the dock’s look and protect your boat from rubbing against your dock. These consist of durable vinyl and provide a soft cushion for when the side of the boat touches the dock. They will prevent scuff marks and other slight damage. Be sure to also use bumpers for any areas that may experience impacts.

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