Best Fishing Spots in North Dakota

Fishing in North Dakota

If you want to experience the thrill of fishing in the heart of the Great Plains, the Peace Garden State has some of the best fishing spots in the Midwest. Anglers flock from all around to make the most of the abundant freshwater fishing in North Dakota.

With more than 400 lakes and rivers in the state, you will find various beautiful locations to fish from. If you own a lakeside property, you can even create a private fishing spot to enjoy with friends and family.

Top North Dakota Fishing Spots

Common fish you can catch throughout North Dakota include northern pike, walleye, yellow perch, bass and black crappie. Check out our list of the best fishing spots in North Dakota:

Devils Lake

Surrounded by scenic prairies, this lake is a gem for fishing enthusiasts during all seasons. This is one of the largest natural lakes in the United States, and it offers a plethora of boat ramps and fishing piers, providing anglers easy access to the water. Some more benefits of fishing at Devils Lake in North Dakota include:

  • An abundance of fish: The quality and quantity of the four fish species found here are astonishing. Look out for perch, northern pike, white bass and walleye.
  • Ice fishing: You can enjoy fishing here all year, with ample angling opportunities in the summer and scattered ice houses for winter ice fishing in North Dakota.
  • Get a guide: Improve your experience by hiring a guide to show you the best fishing spots. These boats often have ice machines, provide tackle and bait and help you clean your catch.

The Upper Missouri River

For excellent fishing opportunities in a scenic setting, head over to the Upper Missouri. This river holds a diverse range of fish, like sauger, northern pike, catfish and paddlefish. If you plan to fish here, take the following information into account:

  • Access points: Numerous boat ramps and access points along the river allow easy entry for boat and bank anglers.
  • Best fishing seasons: If you are fishing for walleye and sauger, springtime and early summer are your best bet. Catfish and paddlefish are in abundance during the summer months.
  • Fishing techniques: Techniques like trolling and bottom fishing are popular here, with live bait, flies and lures used to attract fish.

Red River

This river flows along the eastern border of North Dakota, with plenty of access points, especially near the cities of Fargo and Grand Forks. The Red River boasts over 70 fish species and offers much more than beautiful landscapes and wildlife. Here is some more information about this fishing destination:

  • Fly fishing haven: If you want to do some fly fishing in North Dakota, the Red River, with its decent walleye population, is a dream destination.
  • Catfish in abundance: This river is well known for its catfish, and anglers often find trophy-sized channel or flathead catfish.
  • Catch-and-release area: The Columbine Creek feeds into the Red River and is a catch-and-release fishing area.

Lake Oahe

Lake Oahe

This massive reservoir along the Missouri River spans 231 miles and covers 370,000 acres. It is a popular fishing, camping and boating spot with many recreational areas and campgrounds along the lake’s shores. Keep the following in mind when planning your visit to Lake Oahe:

  • Weather considerations: The weather can turn to extremes, so prepare for temperature fluctuations, especially when fishing in winter.
  • Fish species: You will find northern pike, catfish, walleye, bass and Chinook salmon in various spots in the lake.
  • Record catches: It is common to reel in some trophy-sized fish here, with one record walleye catch weighing in at 16.39 pounds.

Turtle River

Flowing through the Turtle Mountains, lush forests surround this river, creating a scenic and tranquil fishing atmosphere. The river is home to various trout species, perch and more, with walleye being a favorite among anglers for fly fishing. Some key points about Turtle River include:

  • Best fishing seasons: If you are looking to catch northern pike, spring and early summer are good seasons to visit Turtle River, with walleye fishing being more successful during mid to late summer.
  • Access points: Several public access points and boat launches along the river’s course are available due to its proximity to Turtle River State Park.
  • Local knowledge: Get up-to-date information and tips on fishing hotspots and conditions throughout the area from locals or park officials to make the most of your fishing experience at Turtle River.

Benefits of Having a Private Fishing Spot

The ease of access to a personal dock lets you take full advantage of fishing at leisure in a private environment. This privacy also leads to better relaxation. When you have no other anglers to distract you, you can immerse yourself in the natural scenery to make your hobby more enjoyable.

A private fishing spot can also offer comfort and amenities like a dock with seating, an umbrella, storage boxes and dock lighting for nighttime fishing. Having your own dock also allows you to share this hobby with more family and friends, boosting happiness.

A private fishing spot can increase your property value and give you the opportunity to create a supplemental income. If you rent out your lakeside dock or home, you are tapping into a lucrative market of water and outdoor enthusiasts.

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