Benefits of Living on a Lakefront Property With a Dock

Benefits of Living on a Lakefront Property with a Dock

Lakeside living provides you with stunning views and easy water access. If you currently have a waterfront property, you can maximize the benefits of living near the water with a high-quality floating dock. Whether you want easier water access or to increase your property value, investing in a lake dock is the best way to improve your space. 

Using public docks and marinas means sharing the space with other people and lugging around all your watercraft and equipment whenever you want to enjoy a day on the water. With a lakefront dock, you get private dock usage, added convenience and a personal entertainment space all in one. Let’s explore the benefits of having a dock on a lake and how you can maximize your dock’s features to create your ideal lake set-up. 

Recreational Opportunities

One of the best reasons to have a dock lakefront is the infinite recreational opportunities. Having unlimited private access to the water means having all sorts of water-related fun year-round. You can expand your watercraft collection and spend as much time as you want on the water. Instead of gathering all your accessories and personal watercraft (PWC) up and transporting them to the marina, you can leave everything near your dock for immediate water use.

Enjoy easier access to the following recreational opportunities with a lakefront dock.



Swimming is easier than ever with a lakefront dock. Throw on your suit and walk out your backdoor, onto the dock and into the water whenever the mood strikes you. Lakefront docks eliminate all the travel, packing and crowding associated with publicly-shared docks and beaches. You get a more private and enjoyable swimming experience without sharing your dock and lake space. Whether you prefer late-night swims or spontaneous afternoons by the lake, get unlimited swimming access with a lakefront dock.

With your own dock, you can create the ultimate swimming experience. Add water slides and diving boards to maximize your on-the-water fun. Place ladders where you need them to make getting in and out of the water as easy as possible. Having your own lakeside dock lets you fit the dock to your swimming preferences without having to consider shared space. 


Having a lakefront dock simplifies owning and using boats and PWC. Direct dock access enables you to access the water at all times. Instead of following marina operational times or waiting for an empty space to put your watercraft in, your lakeside dock always has room for launching. Customizable floating docks allow you to customize your lakeside dock to your needs — place as many launches, ports and dock arms as you need to fit all your boats and PWC. 

Getting the most out of your dock means ensuring you have all the essential bells and whistles for convenient boating. Shared docks and marinas are not set up with your preferences in mind — they’re designed to work for the most people possible. Your personal lakefront dock can have all the cleats, storage, lifts and boating accessories you need to make your boating experience as fun as possible — place boating equipment and accessories where they best suit you for easier launching, loading and clean-up. 



A lake dock provides fishing enthusiasts with an ideal spot for casting their line. The ease of access given by a personal dock allows you to fish at your leisure, taking full advantage of all the fish that inhabit the lake. With fewer inconveniences like loading up, finding an empty fishing spot and returning home, you can spend more time fishing on your lake. 

The more time you spend on the lake, the more you can hone your skills and fish all the species in your lake. More fish variety and more lake time means more enjoyable fishing. You’ll foster a sense of connection with nature when you can peacefully fish from your own dock instead of sharing the space with strangers.

Having your own dock also lets you get more friends and family in on your fishing fun. With a personal lakeside dock, you can add fishing accessories to create your ideal fishing set-up. Fishing rod holders and dock fish-cleaning stations make fishing more convenient than trying to set everything up on public land. Additionally, you can add seats, coolers and more to your dock to create your ultimate fishing space without the inconvenience of lugging everything to a different location. 

Water Sports

A lakefront dock opens the door to a wide range of water sports and activities. Personal docks give you complete control over dock access and usage. From fast-moving wakeboarding and waterskiing to leisurely paddle boarding and kayaking, your dock can become a hub of water-based excitement. 

The ease of launching watercraft and water sports equipment from your dock allows you to enjoy all your favorite water sports. Having room to store your own equipment and hone your water sports skills lets you feel free on the water and get the most out of your water time. 

Health Benefits

A lakefront dock has more benefits than fun — they also provide valuable health benefits. While you get to maximize enjoyment with your lake dock, having 24/7 private dock access allows you to make the most of your health while enjoying the sun. There’s nothing like getting outside and meditating or moving to relieve stress, promote happiness and stay healthy. Let’s take a closer look at three excellent health advantages a lakefront dock provides.

1. Lower Stress

Lower Stress

Having a lakefront dock provides a calming escape from the stresses of everyday life. You can relax in peace without the hustle and bustle of public docks. Lakefront docks give you the soothing sounds and smells of the water while eliminating the stress of traveling to the dock and finding a free space to set up on. 

Enjoying the tranquil water relieves stress through relaxation, meditation or simply taking in the scenery. You can sit on your dock and fish or unwind without the busy sounds of other people using the dock. 

2. Increased Happiness

Preliminary evidence suggests that waterscape exposure can improve mental health and happiness through contact with nature. Living close to nature and having easy access to the water encourages you to get in touch with the outside — this helps increase feelings of contentment, connectivity and happiness. Watching wildlife change and grow, observing sunsets and spending time taking in the natural world can elevate your spirit. 

Additionally, the more time you spend outside doing water-based activities, the more fun you’ll have and the happier you’ll be. Getting outside and moving is a great way to burn stress and improve your mental state. Having an outlet in nature for playing games, relaxing and spending time with friends and family will help you stay social, active and happy. What could make you happier than making the most of the lake alone or throwing social get-togethers with the people you care about? 

3. Increased Physical Activity 

Increase Physical Activity

Getting outside and moving have proven mental and physical health benefits for humans. With convenient dock access unhindered by travel and crowding, you’re more likely to get on the water frequently. This convenience provides more physical activity opportunities — you’ll enjoy water-based exercises more often. Swimming in the lake and diving off your dock offers a great full-body workout, enhancing heart health and muscle strength. Boating or paddling activities promote coordination and balance while burning calories. Even fishing gets you moving while you relax.

Other activities like water sports give you an excellent cardiovascular workout while remaining fun and boosting mental agility. The lakefront dock becomes an invitation to embrace an active lifestyle, as the water’s allure and activity varieties motivate you to move and stay fit. Use the convenience of your lake dock to exercise and have fun whenever you want.

Financial Benefits

Investing in a lakeside dock enhances your recreational experiences and health and offers significant financial advantages. Taking financial benefits into account can help set you up for the future and provide you with a safety cushion. While this might not be a priority for you, having a lakeside dock can provide you with extra financial security and, therefore, peace of mind. Enjoy all the benefits of a lake dock and explore the financial opportunities they can give you. 

Potential Rental Income

One of the most significant potential financial benefits of owning a lakeside dock is rental income. Many people seek out lakeside properties for short-term vacation or holiday rentals — there’s nothing like a relaxing getaway on the lake. You can tap into a lucrative market of tourists and water enthusiasts by offering your dock or lakefront property for rent. With boat sales reaching a 13-year high in 2020, properties with private boat docks are in more demand than ever. 

Renting out your dock can become a supplemental income stream that helps offset property expenses or even a significant revenue source. You can rent as little or as much as you want, allowing you to keep a flexible income stream without overloading yourself. 

Boat docks provide exclusive, convenient water access that vacationers love to have. You can also ask for slightly more in rent, with the dock as an added amenity. The seasonal demand for lakefront properties and docks ensures a steady flow of potential renters, making it a viable investment that complements your enjoyment of the property. 

Property Value Appreciation

Property Value Appreciation

In addition to rental income potential, a lakeside dock can positively impact your property’s value appreciation. Waterfront properties — especially lakefront homes — are highly sought after. Global searches on Sotheby’s International Realty site for lakefront properties increased 90% from January to September compared to 2020. Buyers are gravitating towards lakefront properties for their calmer waters and seclusion. Having a dock with the property signifies easy water access, additional amenities and recreational opportunities. 

The demand for waterfront properties tends to be steady, as buyers are always interested in the elevated lake experience a dock provides. As demand for waterfront property increases globally post-pandemic, you can see a healthy appreciation over time. Lakeside docks can set your property apart from the competition and attract more potential buyers. Buyers look for amenities like docks that enhance property enjoyment — docks can be valuable additions to your property’s value.

Further, investing in a high-quality floating dock with additional amenities can make your property even more desirable to buyers. Getting dock features like ladders, storage, slides, railings and launches elevates your lakefront dock beyond a traditional model. 

The more convenient and luxurious you make your dock, the more valuable your property may become. Extra features combined with a lakefront location can help your property resist economic downturns, adding an extra layer of security to your investment — you’ll find your lakeside dock and property an excellent long-term financial asset. 

How to Best Use Your Waterfront Space

While lakefront docks come with many benefits on their own, you can maximize your dock benefits and enjoyment with thoughtful dock usage. Incorporating careful landscaping, furniture and more can elevate your dock and transform it into your ideal space. 

A lakefront dock is more than just a dock — it can be an entertainment space, a quiet reflection getaway and a storage area for all your watercraft. Let’s explore how you can enhance your waterfront space with additional lakefront dock features and get the most out of its benefits. 


Quality landscaping is the foundation of your lakefront space, providing a seamless transition between your property and the water. Embrace nature with carefully cultivated native plants, flowers and shrubs that thrive in a waterfront environment. Native vegetation not only complements the natural landscape but also requires less maintenance — these plants are meant to grow on their own in your space, unlike non-native plants. Cultivating these native species allows you to enjoy the scenery without constant upkeep. 

Strategically placed trees and bushes can offer much-needed shade — this creates comfortable spots to relax and enjoy the lake view when you aren’t moving around on the dock. Additionally, consider installing walkways or stepping stones to provide easy access to your dock and the water’s edge. 

Outdoor Furniture

Dock Benches

Outdoor furniture plays a pivotal role in cultivating inviting spaces for entertainment and relaxation. Invest in comfortable, weather-resistant seating options for your dock. Durable dock benches attach to your dock and are designed to withstand changing weather conditions without rapid wear. Add outdoor cushions for casual comfort and place sofas and lounge chairs on the dock for a relaxing lounge space. Additionally, dock hammock add-ons give you a calm space to relax in over the water while enhancing your dock’s look. 

Position furniture strategically to take advantage of the best lake views or create dedicated areas for seating and socializing. Consider adding a dining set with an umbrella for casual meals on the lakefront — you’ll transform your space into a charming lakefront dining spot for you and all your guests. 

Dock Space

Maximizing dock benefits means transforming your dock into the heart of your lakefront space. You want it to serve as the central hub for relaxation and water activities. Optimize your dock space by customizing your dock size and layout to create your ideal waterfront experience. Safety features like ladders, stairs and railings make your dock safer and more accessible for everyone. Water can make the dock slippery and adding these accommodations allows all your guests to enjoy your lakefront dock fully. 

Use larger, rectangular dock sections for social gathering space — place furniture, entertainment equipment and more in these more open areas. F-shaped docks give you designated launching sections for all your boats and PWC, while ports and launches make using your vessels easier than ever. Large dock shades create shaded social spaces with built-in sun and weather protection. The more you set up your dock for your specific needs, the better it will work for your style of waterfront enjoyment. 


Dock Decorations

Investing in decorations for your lake dock transforms the space from a practical one to a custom, homey extension of yourself. Thoughtful decorations elevate your lakefront’s ambiance, reflecting your personal style and creating a cohesive theme. Incorporating lake-inspired décor like driftwood art, nautical elements or aquatic-themed sculptures and pieces accentuates the waterfront atmosphere. 

Outdoor lighting is another crucial aspect of decorating. Lights make your dock safer to use in the dark and add a special ambiance in the evening. Solar-powered lamps, string lights and lanterns can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Put lights up in essential locations and add some along railings for soft, inviting lighting throughout your dock space. 

Small personal touches like lights, nautical decorations and attractive storage space go a long way toward making your dock a functional, attractive space that you and others can enjoy. 



Many dock owners enjoy using their dock for entertaining. Docks provide a combined perfect water access and entertainment space. A well-utilized lakefront area offers ample opportunities for outdoor entertainment and recreation. Consider adding amenities like TVs, speakers, grills and games like cornhole. These lakefront dock entertainment features make your dock the go-to space for special occasions and social gatherings. 

Incorporating water sports equipment like paddleboards, kayaks and PWC offers you and your guests an exhilarating experience on the water. Kayak storage and PWC launches make using and storing sports equipment simple for more time on the water. Slides, diving boards and floats get everything in the water for exercise and socialization. Outdoor games like bocce ball and horseshoes add a playful element that kids and adults can enjoy. 

Making the most of your lakefront space involves a thoughtful blend of landscaping, amenities and entertainment. Elevating your dock with activities and aesthetics transforms your space into a hub for social fun, relaxation and water-based excitement. Combining these elements makes your lakefront dock a retreat where you can enjoy all the beauty of nature with the pleasure of waterfront living. 

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