A Guide to Boat Dock Safety

Living by the lake is a nonstop adventure for people who love experiencing the outdoors and hanging out by the water. As with any outdoor activity, however, there are many crucial safety tips to follow to ensure everyone has a safe, fun experience.

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Be Prepared With Essential Safety Equipment

Keeping safety equipment nearby at all times will help you feel prepared in the event of an emergency, although you hopefully never have to use it. Ensure you have the following tools on hand, so you are prepared in worst-case scenarios: 

  • Life jackets: Storing life vests near your dock and on boats can help you save someone who may be struggling to swim to shore. 
  • First aid kits: Accidents happen, and when someone is injured, having easy access to a first aid kit can minimize the wound’s effects.
  • Life rings: Having life rings gives you an easy way to pull someone back to the dock even if they are injured and unable to swim.
  • Dock handrails: Installing handrails on your dock gives extra support to those who need it, especially when boarding or exiting a boat. 

Know How to Dock Properly

Docking takes practice and can be difficult even for experienced skippers. There are several tips to follow in order to dock safely every time and reduce the risk of damage:

  • Approach slowly: Do not move toward the dock faster than you want to hit it. This process takes time but will minimize the risk of damaging your boat or dock. 
  • Have a strategy: Think about how you want to approach your dock in advance and communicate your plan with any passengers. 
  • Protect passengers: Let everyone know they should stay on the boat with their arms and legs in until you complete the docking maneuver. 
  • Go against the current: Keep the current against you when possible to naturally reduce your speed. 

Follow Standard Safety Procedures

Along with proper equipment and knowledge, everyone using your dock should follow standard safety rules: 

  • Walk only: Enforcing a strict no-running policy on the dock will keep your friends and family safe from slipping or falling. 
  • Clean the dock: Keep your dock free from clutter and debris by removing tripping hazards. 
  • Use caution with electricity: If you have dock lights or other equipment using electricity, install bonding jumpers to keep your dock grounded in case of an electrical surge. 
  • Communicate your plans: Let others know where you will be so they can find you in case of an emergency. 

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