EZ Port Features & Benefits:

Designed both for saltwater and freshwater applications, our PWC ports’ self-adjusting designs make loading and unloading effortless, no matter what type of waterfront on which your home or business is located.

  • Ease of use and access. Our PWC lifts feature a raised bow that helps prevent overshooting the port, with no winching, cranking, pumping or hoisting needed.
  • Flexibility. All our modular PWC ports can be linked together and easily adapted to other floating and fixed docks using our revolutionary EZ Port™ coupler system with EZ Dock connectors. We have EZ Port PWC docking systems for both commercial and residential use, with flexible configurations that can be adjusted any time your needs change. If you need assistance deciding which system is right for you, contact EZ Dock to speak with one of our team members.
  • Stability. Our proprietary flotation chamber and pylon design provides enhanced buoyancy and stability to reduce movement even in rough water and stormy conditions. EZ Port also provides plenty of space on the front and either side of the port to allow PWC users to find their footing comfortably.
  • Protection. EZ Port PWC lifts move with changing water levels, protecting personal watercraft from waves, wind and the damage they can cause. Our personal watercraft floating docks are also covered by an industry-leading 8-year warranty.

Looking for PWC or Waverunner Lifts for Sale?

If you’re looking for a drive-on waverunner dock or PWC lifts, EZ Dock offers several choices:

  • The EZ Port MAX 2i. Often copied by the competition, this is considered the best PWC lift available today. The game-changing, self-adjusting design makes loading and unloading effortless. PWCs of any shape and up to 1,700 lbs. can be accommodated with this PWC lift.
  • The EZ Port with Integrated Bow. This model has an Integrated Bow to help prevent overshooting, so even new PWC users can dock easily. This system handles watercraft of all types, up to 1,380 lbs.
  • The EZ Port MAX system. This expandable, adjustable and modular system is ideal for multiple PWCs, making it ideal for businesses or homes with multiple PWC enthusiasts. This unique PWC lift can be customized for tight slip spaces and tandem inlines, making it one of the most flexible options. It can accommodate PWCs of different shapes.

Our systems are recognized as the best, easiest to use, most stable and most user-friendly. Designed both for salt water and fresh water applications, our products ensure you can provide a safe place for PWC users, no matter where your home or business is located. If you need assistance deciding which system is right for you, contact EZ Dock to speak with one of our team members.


All our modular ports can be easily linked together using our revolutionary EZ Port™ coupler system. Design the layout that best suits your waterfront and adjust the configuration at any time as your needs change. Tight on space? The EZ Port™ MAX inline tandem model is a great way to store multiple PWC’s easily and efficiently. Request a quote today!