YMCA’s across the country selected the EZ Dock System for their three lakes for a number of reasons, two of the most important were safety and cost. The EZ Dock system has no wood to cause splinters and no metal causing cuts, two problems associated with the use of wood or metal docks. The EZ Dock system is much less expensive due to the ability to leave them in the water year round as ice has no affect on the dock system. Previously the staff at the YMCA camp removed the docks each winter and installed them again the next Spring which was very costly as well as damaging to the dock system causing the need for repairs each year.

“Maintenance of our metal floating docks was causing major issues in our camp. Young campers were being cut and stitches were common. Every year we had to remove the docks before Winter and re-install them in the Spring. Not only was this very costly from a maintenance perspective, the docks were damaged in the process. EZ Dock remains in the water year round regardless of ice conditions. Since they only take 1″ of water to float they simply pop to the top and sit on top of the ice, it does not matter if we get 3′ of ice!”

YMCA of Greater NY, Huguenot, NY