Yamaha Motor Corporation Dealer Meeting

Yamaha installed the EZ Dock System for the meeting pictured below on the Potomac River in Washington, DC. The floating dock system included a floating dock platform which supported changing rooms, a meeting room, docks for PWCs and boat slips for the Jet Boats.

The entire system was installed in two days and following the one week meeting removed for use at another meeting. The weight and modularity of the EZ Dock system provides the flexibility for quick and inexpensive installation and removal. Since the dock consists of 10′ dock sections the configuration can be changed completely to meet the next year’s requirements without discarding any dock section or accessory used previously.


Yamaha Motor Corporation provides Yamaha Jet Boats and Personal Water Craft through an extensive Yamaha Dealer Network and hosts an annual meeting of all Yamaha Dealers once a year. Each year the meeting is held in a different location. The attendees are watercraft dealers located across the world who look forward to a review of the current season and the new product introductions for the next season. Test vehicles (boats and PWCs) are made available to the Dealers during this meeting, necessitating a facility with waterfront access. Typically these resort locations do not have docking services for boats and PWCs in the quantity required.

Basic Requirements

Yamaha PWCs use a jet drive propulsion system that collects water, pressurizes it and releases it serving as the drive system instead of the traditional propeller driven alternative. The jet drive system must be stored out of the water when not in use. Customers either trailer the watercraft using a boat ramp to launch and recover after use or they store the watercraft on floating dock systems or boat lifts.

Courtesy of EZ Dock Mid-Atlantic