The EZ Dock Advantage

Top 5 Reasons to Choose EZ Dock

1. Versatility

It’s simple: Floating docks give you more options than static docks. EZ Dock was not only the first modular, rotationally molded floating dock, but continues to be the leader—offering thousands of customization options for a wide variety of applications and waterfront environments. Whether you have a house on the water, run a marina or waterfront restaurant, or need a large-scale industrial application for a challenging marine environment, EZ Dock makes it easy.

2. Ingenuity

Innovation runs through every part of our organization. Our engineers work with our highly knowledgeable global dealer network to continually design new solutions for everything from residential boating to industrial applications. The EZ Dock dealers pride themselves on their great relationships with our customers, working with you to improve existing products and develop new ones—ahead of the competition.

3. Flexibility

EZ Dock is all about resilience. Our materials, rotomold process and innovative coupler system mean your dock can weather storms, rise and fall with fluctuating water levels, and even stay on the water year-round.

4. Durability

Don’t be fooled into thinking that static docks aren’t vulnerable to the elements. Compared to wooden docks, EZ Dock products provide far greater durability (and no rot). Our polyethylene material resists saltwater corrosion and stands up to continued use in challenging weather. Our coupler system provides both firmness and flexibility. And our lifts are durable and protect your boat and PWC investments.

5. “Easy to Use”

Forget about painting and pressure-washing. EZ Docks are designed to be virtually maintenance free in both fresh- and saltwater environments. Our worldwide dealer network provides world-class design and installation guidance, making delivery, installation and service quick and convenient. And most importantly for many of our customers, our docks are easy to add on to. Need a boat lift? We’ve got them. Benches, slides, swimming docks, PWC ports? No problem. If you can dream it, we can create it.