Gangways for Docks

EZ Dock has a variety of gangways for docks to allow you to get to your floating dock. For use with EZ Dock systems or your own existing dock, our gangways for sale are designed to get you out on the water faster. Our gangway products include:

  • A sturdy aluminum gangway, which ensures lightweight systems and flexibility.
  • A polyethylene gangway, for a system which works more seamlessly with the look of an EZ Dock floating dock.
  • A plank gangway, made from polyethylene and designed for users who need shorter gangways.

We also offer a gangway roller kit, transition plate, gangway mounting kits, transition kits and abutment kits to make it easier to link the shore, gangway and dock together. EZ Dock has everything you need to set up your dock and gangway, ensuring all components work together.

EZ Dock Gangways

When you buy EZ Dock Gangways, you enjoy:

  • Stability. Gangways from EZ Dock are designed to offer maximum stability and support as you walk out towards your dock. You can feel safe and secure knowing our systems are used by businesses, homeowners and even the military.
  • Ease of use. Gangways from EZ Dock are designed to be almost maintenance-free, ensuring you don’t have to spend additional resources and time taking care of your gangway. Instead, you get a system which allows you to enjoy the water faster.
  • Durability. EZ Dock products have withstood the test of time. There are products we installed more than 26 years ago that are still going strong in the water today. When you buy from EZ Dock, you know you’re getting a product that will last.
  • Customization. Do you need an ADA-compliant gangway for your business? Is your dock far out, requiring an extra-long gangway? No job is too ambitious for EZ Dock. With our customization capabilities, we can build the exact system you need. Just contact EZ Dock and tell us what you need. Our friendly team will handle all the details.

Do You Need a Gangway?

Gangways are necessary anywhere a dock is not easily accessible from shore. EZ Dock gangways have been used in:

  • Marinas. Gangways for marinas ensure boaters and customers can get out to their boats and docks. These solutions let marinas serve their customers more fully.
  • Camps. At a camp, gangways are important to help children access docks and the water safely.
  • Parks and recreation spaces. Parks and recreation gangways keep park visitors safe and make green spaces and waterways more accessible for users of different mobility levels.
  • Hotels and resorts. Keeping guests safe is a priority in these contexts, which is why businesses turn to EZ Dock.
  • Housing developments. Housing developments trust EZ Dock because of our safe, high quality products.
  • Homes. Used as a system with floating docks, gangways let you make the most of your space.

If you’re looking for boat gangways for sale, contact EZ Dock to discuss your specific needs.