My E-Z Dock system survived Isabel in flying colors!

My E-Z Dock system survived Isabel in flying colors!

Recall that my setup is 50 feet of fixed dock with a “T” and an aluminum ramp leading down to 50 feet of floating E-Z Dock. The E-Z Dock is arranged in a “T” formation also with a 30 foot walkway out to large platform for the E-Z Port for my jet ski and jet boat.

As the storm passed through Belmont Bay on Friday morning about 0300 AM, three conditions arrived at the same time. The first was high tide, the second was a four foot surge of water and then steady 40 knot winds from the southeast, which drove the water directly into Belmont Bay. The result was a total rise of raging water of 7 to 8 feet.

I was out there watching the action with my flashlight. The pilings on my fixed pier are cut 48 inches above the deck. The only thing I could see with my flashlight was the white cone caps on the top of the fixed pilings and the floating E-Z Dock. The aluminum ramp slipped off the floating walkway and fell into the water but the floating E-Z Dock was riding the storm out very smoothly.

Although I had taken the jet ski and jet boat off the dock earlier, I do believe they could have survived the storm if I had left them on the dock. The E-Z dock was amazingly steady in these stormy conditions.

The 4 inch steel pilings that I used on my E-Z Dock stand 6 feet above the floating deck at normal high tide but during Isabel the water rose 8 feet. However the floating dock did not slip over the pilings because I had screwed an end cap on the top of each piling. The end cap was larger than the hole in the floating dock retained and thus it only lifted the piling up about two feet and the E-Z Dock continued to float.

Meanwhile, my neighbor to the left found his floating dock in his front yard and the neighbor to the right lost his old floating dock after it slipped over the wood pilings and broke in half.

Thanks for your counsel over the last two years with my E-Z Dock system.

Neale Cosby
Lorton, VA


Submitted by Jerry McEntire of Shoco Marine, an EZ Dock distributor.