Introducing EZ Launch® for Kayaks and Canoes

EZ Dock Introduces EZ Launch® for Kayaks and Canoes and the New EZ Launch® Accessible Transfer System

EZ Dock® recently introduced its EZ Launch® product for kayaks and canoes in 2009, and now adds an enhanced feature to provide greater accessibility for people of all abilities – the new EZ Launch Accessible Transfer System.

The EZ Launch system is the first port system built specifically for paddlers, making it simple and safe to board, launch and recover kayaks and canoes from waterfront properties. Utilizing a roller and guide rail system, EZ Launch allows users of all ability levels to glide on and off, while providing ample foot space on both sides for optimum access and stability.

With the addition of the EZ Launch Accessible Transfer System, EZ Dock has taken accessibility to another level, providing individuals with disabilities universal accessibility that exceeds the minimum requirements of the ADA. A first in the industry, this feature offers a Transfer Bench offering choices of variable heights for transfer from different wheelchairs and two Transfer Slide Boards to accommodate different watercraft heights. The Transfer Slide Board lands securely on a railing system that stabilizes it and provides grab bar transfer assistance for easy slide movement.

“The mission of all of our products is to make it easier, safer, and more comfortable for people of all abilities to enjoy their favorite activities on or around the water,” said Curtis Downs, Global Sales Manager of EZ Dock. “When developing this Transfer Bench option for our EZ Launch products, we worked closely with the Access to Recreation Initiative and those involved in improving accessibility options in their communities to be sure our product would work as intended.”

With the EZ Launch Accessible Transfer System, users can simply slide down the bench and drop down into a kayak or canoe, and then pull off and on by utilizing handrails on either side. The Transfer Bench system can be easily incorporated into current EZ Dock systems and is a perfect addition for parks, camps or other recreational waterfront settings to provide inclusive, universal access for individuals of all abilities.