Dragon Boats

Dragon Boat Races are increasing in popularity across the country. Teams have been increasing in number as well as competitive events

Since Sundays were a big day for boaters to be on the water there was a desire to have a place to meet for Sunday worship on the water. A local river was easily accessible that had a cove off the river where the floating system could be stored when not in use. There are obviously other potential uses for this floating platform such as meetings, weddings, etc.


Dragon Boats trace their heritage back to war canoes and have increased in popularity as a competitive sport both here and abroad.

Basic Requirements

The optimal requirements for a dock system to launch and recover the boats are a dock that is strong enough to support hundreds of participants, stable when everyone is standing on one side boarding boats, light enough to move from location to location since events take place at different venues, and minimal maintenance.

Not only must the docks be light enough to easily transport but they should be modular to allow easy and quick assembly and also disassembly from the dock, not in the water.

Decision Point

EZ Dock is the system of choice since the dock system was lighter than any other available and easily assembled and removed. The entire floating platform is suctioned to the water’s surface due to the design of the dock sections which provides unmatched stability with everyone standing on one edge at one time.

A 10′ dock section can support 4,000 lbs so there is no limit to the number of people permitted on a dock at once other than standing room.

The only maintenance requirement is a power wash once in a while to bring the dock back to original condition. The dock has a life expectancy of 30 to 50 years. The anti-skid surface prevents slipping even in wet conditions. Environmentally the EZ Dock system surpassed all requirements since there is not treated wood, foam flotation or metal components.

Courtesy of EZ Dock Mid-Atlantic http://ezdockusa.com/