Docks survive hurricane Georges and Mitch

Sorry this took so long in getting to you. I want to let you know that during hurricane “Georges” and the wind storm from “Mitch,” the docks we bought from you came through the wind and tide with absolutely no damage. I knew they were sturdy, but I never thought they were that tough. I will be building more floating docks and I will definitely buy from you.


Claude E. Owens
Conch Harbor, Key West

Submitted by EZ Dock of Florida and the Bahamas, an EZ Dock distributor.

Conch Harbor Letter

Extremely pleased with low maintenance, durability and stability.

This letter is written to express my happiness with the EZ Dock system we purchased from Shoco Marine, Inc, in January 2008. Although a bit unorthodox, my colleagues and I use the docks to set up field mesocosm experiements (pictured below). We installed our EZ Dock system in February 2008 and have been extremely pleased with its low maintenance, durability, and stability. They are perfect for the types of experiments my lab conducts at Auburn University.

Thanks again for your help. We appreciated it and would be happy to share our experiences with potential customers interested in purchasing EZ Docks for similar applications.


Dr. Alan E. Wilson
Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures
Auburn University

Submitted by Shoco Marine, an EZ Dock distributor.

Letter from Auburn University

EZ Docks provide convenient launch, berth and storage for Carolina Yacht Club

The Docks and Grounds Committee (in conjunction with the Sailing Committee) has been looking for a more efficient way to launch, berth and store the 420s. We decided on the EZ Dock system as the best solution. They were delivered and installed at the beginning of November.

The new EZ Dock system is a good addition to our existing facilities and to the Junior Sailing Program. The EZ Docks are significantly more stable than our former “black cubes.” They are designed to cradle the 420s during the summer sailing program. The added convenience of the 420 boat storage will allow more surface in the parking lot. The convenience of putting the boats on the docks will make our program more efficient.

I encourage the members to come by and walk on the docs and see for yourselves!

George Smythe
Sailing Committee
Carolina Yacht Club

Submitted by Shoco Marine, an EZ Dock distributor.

Carolina Yacht Club Newsletter

EZ Dock provides a great value in our community

December 1, 2008

As a follow-up to the EZ Docks installed on our project on Holt Lake in Smithfield, NC, I must say we are very pleased with the end result!  After much research and many months of investigation it was clear that the EZ Dock was the clear selection for our eight boat slip marina plus the additional space for our Personal Water Craft, etc.  With the positive addition of the docks we now call the location “Lakeside Point” as the docks provided the area of great value for everyone in our community.

The compliments on the end product have been outstanding.  Many had concerns before the installation but the outcome is viewed as “first class and a great asset to our neighborhood”.  The end product was even used in a major photo by the Smithfield Selma Chamber of Commerce in the yearly publication magazine of 2008.  We have even had people to drive by and stop as the docks catch people’s attention on the water, one even being the Mayor of Four Oaks, NC which is across the lake from our docks.

After many hours of research on what was the best product to use as an engineer and having many discussions with the NC Water Quality Division, the US Army Corps of Engineers, Coastal Area Management, Town of Smithfield Planning Department, and the Johnston County Planning and Inspections Department, everyone was pleased with the selection of the docks.

Another remarkable part of the docks is the docks were installed in less than two days once the material was delivered on-site.  The quality of the product is superior over wood and very durable for long term use.  We also love the fact that regardless of the water level the docks are always at the correct water level for our use on the lake.  The other item that we like about the EZ Dock is that we can expand as needed and we have many options to adjust to our future needs as a community.

Thank-you and to your team for a great job!

See you at the lake,

Greg Evans
Lakeside Point Dock Master
Smithfield, NC

Submitted by Jerry McEntire of Shoco Marine, an EZ Dock distributor.

My E-Z Dock system survived Isabel in flying colors!

My E-Z Dock system survived Isabel in flying colors!

Recall that my setup is 50 feet of fixed dock with a “T” and an aluminum ramp leading down to 50 feet of floating E-Z Dock. The E-Z Dock is arranged in a “T” formation also with a 30 foot walkway out to large platform for the E-Z Port for my jet ski and jet boat.

As the storm passed through Belmont Bay on Friday morning about 0300 AM, three conditions arrived at the same time. The first was high tide, the second was a four foot surge of water and then steady 40 knot winds from the southeast, which drove the water directly into Belmont Bay. The result was a total rise of raging water of 7 to 8 feet.

I was out there watching the action with my flashlight. The pilings on my fixed pier are cut 48 inches above the deck. The only thing I could see with my flashlight was the white cone caps on the top of the fixed pilings and the floating E-Z Dock. The aluminum ramp slipped off the floating walkway and fell into the water but the floating E-Z Dock was riding the storm out very smoothly.

Although I had taken the jet ski and jet boat off the dock earlier, I do believe they could have survived the storm if I had left them on the dock. The E-Z dock was amazingly steady in these stormy conditions.

The 4 inch steel pilings that I used on my E-Z Dock stand 6 feet above the floating deck at normal high tide but during Isabel the water rose 8 feet. However the floating dock did not slip over the pilings because I had screwed an end cap on the top of each piling. The end cap was larger than the hole in the floating dock retained and thus it only lifted the piling up about two feet and the E-Z Dock continued to float.

Meanwhile, my neighbor to the left found his floating dock in his front yard and the neighbor to the right lost his old floating dock after it slipped over the wood pilings and broke in half.

Thanks for your counsel over the last two years with my E-Z Dock system.

Neale Cosby
Lorton, VA


Submitted by Jerry McEntire of Shoco Marine, an EZ Dock distributor.